Berlin based Branding & Experience Agency

What we do...

We create brand experience, pop up events
design & branding
Like branding strategies, design thinking,
rebranding & pop up events
We have worked in areas like Blockchain, Machine
Learning, VR, IoT & 'Future of'concepts, Legal Cannabis
Now we focus on Building brand & community
experience around your product
Why because we believe this is key to creating
meaning products that actually help people

tl;dr - We create meaningful branding & experiences around your product

Recent Projects

24hr project to launch a rockstar

Stage & 100 person Camp at Afrikaburn Festival the worlds second largest Burningman

MikroKiez map app - explore Berlin's micro neighbourhoods w/ data driven recommondations

Urban Farming in shipping containers using cognitive IoT, AI & Blockchain

Creative Guide for emerging VR technology concepts for Mondelēz POS campaign

Digital products for DAX30 with Deloitte Digital Ventures

Neufund - Investment Platform

In-house Head of Product & Design, Feature Building, UI, UX, Redesign of Website,

Native - Blockchain Platform for Community Economics

Founder, Concept, Branding, Logo, UI, UX, Website, Lead Development of App, Communication Strategy, Events.